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Opening up an artistic time capsule…

Last night, I was putting the final touches on an educational presentation I had to give today on the topic of diabetes and heart disease, and I stumbled upon an old memory stick. I thought, brilliant, I’ll just use this to save and transport my work. So, I open it up to see what was on it, and presto, all these old files from the early 2000s appear with some artwork and educational stuff I had done 10 years ago!? What a blast from the past! Amazing how you can instantly be transported back in time by an image… All of a sudden, I was magically whisked back to those heady days of my first clinical-research-education job in a vibrant city with really great friends. For a moment, I felt so young and idealistic again!.. 🙂 (I’d still consider myself an idealist today – albeit with a bit more street smarts and skepticism. As for young, well, I guess I’d still be considered relatively young, except that I’ve always felt like an old soul, even 10 years ago… But I digress…)

Anyway, here is a sample of some illustrations I had drawn back then with my favourite drawing implement – the black Sharpie marker. Since I didn’t know how to use PhotoShop or Illustrator at the time, I just did the sketches and an artist from a really cool, local graphics art firm did the colorizing. The images were used to support the narrative in a couple of diabetes education booklets that I had collaborated on back in 2002 with an endocrinologist that we ended up publishing (in very limited release). This was definitely one of the most fun art projects I ever did, which I totally would’ve done for free. I remember actually feeling guilty getting paid for work that didn’t feel like work… Ahhh, if only all jobs could feel like that… 😉


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