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Historic street detail and vintage fashion: the marriage of sepia and conte

After a heavy 2 days of mind-numbing data-crunching and technical writing, I inevitably had to have an artistic release…

The photo below was taken at dusk in the Byward Market in Ottawa and transformed into a sepia monochrome in Photoshop while leaving the restaurant’s red door and sign intact. I’m hoping to use it in a larger drawing/mixed media project for a good friend’s upcoming wedding.

Along Sussex Drive, Ottawa

Since the aforementioned technical report had a tight deadline, I had to reluctantly forego my lifedrawing class this week. To make up for the loss of this focused evening of drawing, I thought I’d pick up my conté crayons (which we don’t use in this class; rather, just charcoal) and attempt a more loosely sketched interpretation of a vintage, early 20th century black & white fashion photo (I just loved the overall ethereal feel to this fairy-like photo) from my go-to drawing companion, Style Book. I applied various dilutions of an India ink wash for the background shadowing effects.

“Fantail feathers, a silk and lace strapless dress with a very large fan for effect, New York City, 1918.” [ref: Style Book by Elizabeth Walker]

 Now, on to the next technical report!..


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2 thoughts on “Historic street detail and vintage fashion: the marriage of sepia and conte

  1. This is really nice 🙂 Good job!

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