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My Sharpie marker sketch of a geographically inaccurate but artistically whimsical map of courtship memories

Being a detailed-oriented person, this art project was a really fun, but painstaking (esp Gothic architecture) drawing:


Photography class field trip: Byward Market, Ottawa

A few weeks ago, our intro SLR photography class at theĀ School of the Photographic Arts in Ottawa went on a field trip to the Byward Market to practise shooting street photography from a parking garage rooftop. Here is a sample of some of the shots I got:

Fabulous blue Mini Cooper

Blue Mini Cooper close-up: love this car…

Lamp post, early evening

Street reflection through the butcher’s window

Yellow bike

Rooftop view of Market buildings

Bike & bricks

Bike pop art

Cupcake Lounge

Street pattern

Downtown Ottawa near the Market

Fire escape detail, downtown Ottawa

Hot summer evening in the Market

Window shopping at night in the Market I

Window shopping at night in the Market II

Little red dress

Along Sussex Drive

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