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So what is a ‘ballerunner’, you ask? It is a term I coined to describe how I’ve been told I run – front-toe striker as opposed to the more common, mid-foot strike. When other runners observe my unusual running style, they inevitably remark that I must’ve been a ballerina as a kid. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! Although I am musical, I was not blessed with a lot of rhythm (sadly) or flexibility, and as a kid, I also struggled with my weight. I did try Highland dancing (you know, where girls dance in kilts around swords), but that was short-lived; maybe the idea of a rhythmically-challenged child trying to negotiate sharp, potentially lethal objects gave my parents enough pause to settle on a less dangerous after-school activity like piano lessons and singing in a choir. In any event, this initial exposure into the performing arts would eventually fall victim to the allure of a multiplicity of athletic pursuits and reveal a sensitive child who was also a ferocious competitor.

From a less literal perspective, the ballerunner moniker also serves as an apt metaphor describing the continued tension I experience between reconciling two not wholly dissimilar, but competing interests: art vs sport, science vs literature, abstract vs concrete or representational, emotional vs rational, creativity or innovation vs conformity, etc. Working in a job where abiding by the rules and strict process is the Faustian Bargain for secure employment and corporate advancement…

My hope, in exploring this medium as one outlet for creative self-expression, is to share ideas and insights on a variety of topics – not necessarily limited to sports and the arts/culture –  and hopefully learn about some really interesting ways in which people with seemingly disparate or minimally overlapping interests manage to integrate these passions into their career and/or leisure time pursuits.


P.S. All the artwork/drawings/images/photos are by me unless otherwise indicated.

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